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I want you to know how much we loved the birthday cake. When we opened the box our first reaction was “how can we cut this beautiful work of art?” Cut it we did, and the taste was amazing,  rich, chocolaty  melt in your mouth goodness.We were so delighted that pictures have been sent to all our friends and family.

Laurie R.


How have we not known all this time how incredible your tortes are!!! it was gone in seconds. The cupcakes were a huge hit!! My daughter was thrilled and they were delicious to boot and the perfect little people size!

Talya. J


Your desserts were a huge hit- beautiful and delicious! And not a strawberry was left. Loved the pearl on each - thank you so much!!

Jo N.


It was a pleasure working with Nechamit! In about one week, she helped us design a beautiful cake and cupcakes for our daughter's first birthday. Both looked better than I could have imagined and tasted incredible. Nechamit is our new, go-to for delicious (and beautiful!) parve baked goods!
Rebecca D.



Thank you for such a magnificent cake ! Stunning and delicious !



Thank you for the beautiful cake. It was gorgeous and delicious❤️ it was definitely a showstopper

Brocha B.


You are extraordinary as are your creations. Best baked goods I've ever had in this town. Your stuff blew my family's minds. Husband said "Chicago is diff now with Nechamit, nothing will ever be the same"...But yeah, cannot get over the level of the stuff you put out. 

Tova N.


Everything was beautiful and delicious and all of our favorites. The Linzer tarts couldn’t have been any cuter. Thanks for making it so special.


The Chai Spice Whoopie Pies are a dreamy hit and that Carrot Cake was a work of art that tasted even better than it looked if thats even possible!

C.T H.


Most delicious and beautiful cake that I have ever tasted ! Thank you so much!

Ami S.


Just wanted to let you know that the Pecan Pie was delicious, gorgeous and a huge HIT! All best wishes and many sweet blessings on your Pastry Enterprise.

-J. Kane


The desserts were AMAZING!!!!  Very aesthetically pleasing and tasted out of this world!



And the highest praise of all- the desserts didn't taste parve!

-Rachel C.


2 thumbs up for Chef Nechamit delicious pies!!!

-Becky S.


Nechamit, thank you for all the yummy treats Saturday night! Everything was delicious, especially your honey cookies. They were amazing!Next time I'm in NY, we will order again for our family gatherings!

-Anne K.


The cake was amazing! So beautiful and great flavor!

-Yaelle L.


Nechamit helped us plan, shop, organize and set up the bris for our son! She went over and beyond what we had expected. She was a pleasure to work with and saved us the headache of having to plan and worry about the bris. 

Rebecca H.


Everything you make looks beautiful and delicious! Its almost as if we bought the goodies at a supermarket but instead we get to tell our guests that our friend the chef made them!

-Avigayil R.


I want to be like you when I grow up! You make magic happen with all these desserts and especially the chocolate fountain!

Kayla S.


It was too beautiful to eat! No one wanted to cut into the cake! Cant wait to see what you do for us next!

Avi M.


The cookies were very pretty and a big hit!! Very elegant!

Bryna F.


Everything was wonderful!! People could not stop talking about your cake pops. I must admit, it was the only thing I had at the party and it was DELICIOUS!!!

Rachel B.


Everything you make is delicious! You spoil me!



The lemon tarts were amazing (no- I couldn’t wait until shabbos!!!)

💜 the ring dings-This is dangerous!!!



You are a cake wizard! The cake was amazing ! Everyone enjoyed it and and the surprise was a huge hit.

Yitzy R.


Thank u for the delicious and pretty cake it was a big hit!💛

Ilana G.


Umm Yummmmm!!! This is bad! I am going to eat this all myself! Thank you for the last minute order!

E. L.


Omg! These are the best cinnamon buns I’ve ever had in my life!



The cake was amazing! She went straight for the candy from the surprise piñata center and ate straight from the cake!

Michelle A.


Everything looks absolutely beautiful! I can tell you put a little extra love into these treats and I am so grateful!

Debbie H.


Wow, the stuff is so good.  Also, thank you for sending the shabbos lady finger cookies with jelly.  We're from ny and they are made with jelly, but we've only found them with chocolate in Chicago, very disappointing.  So thank you for finally making them the right way!

Josh L.


The cake jars were amazing!!!! We were anticipating the chocolate being the best but strawberry and lemon won!!



Lemon meringue tartlets and the mudslide double chocolate cookies are sublime!!! My daughter and I loved both!!! 

Andrea H.